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The advantage of using electronic logs for your trucking fleet

Trucking companies across the country facing the prospect of mandated electronic logs should get informed about what is involved in this upcoming change and how to ensure they are fully compliant with the requirements set out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. A trucking fleet can be difficult to manage and maintain with optimal cost to revenue balance and an electronic log system could offer big benefits in this area. This makes the electronic log requirement by the FMCSA … [Read more...]

What responsibilities should you hand over to the president of your business?

Business owners can face a continual stream of new challenges as their enterprises grow and change over time. What may start as a relatively small business venture that is manageable by the sole owner can one day be in need of additional management help. When this happens, the owner must decide what responsibilities to hand over to other personnel. For example, internal legal counsel may be useful for some companies if the risk of litigation is of high concern. The Houston Chronicle ran an … [Read more...]

Planning to buy a house? Make sure you build up your credit

When property buyers in Illinois acquire a mortgage, the interest rate on the loan is significantly impacted by their credit score. Typically, those buying property who have a higher credit score will receive a better interest rate than those who have a lower rating. In some situations, buyers who have a poor credit score may not even be able to get a loan at all. What lenders look at When applying for a mortgage, lenders look for several different variables on a buyer’s credit report in … [Read more...]

3 things to look for in a mortgage broker

When buyers in Illinois go to purchase a new home, a mortgage broker matches them with a lender who then provides them with a loan. One of the main benefits of working with a broker is that they have access to a variety of different mortgage lenders and can introduce buyers to the best possible interest rates and loan terms. However, it is essential that buyers look for three qualities in their broker to ensure that the partnership is beneficial. Has an understanding of the borrower’s … [Read more...]

Can I include my pets in my estate plan?

When a cat owner in California died, his family took the feline to a shelter to be euthanized. According to The Humane Society, an animal organization called BrightHaven stepped in to save the Siamese cat. Many pets whose owners die are not as lucky, as the Humane Society points out that as many as 500,000 animals end up in shelters when owners die or become incapacitated and there is no plan in place. For people in Illinois and across the country who have pets, it is important to note … [Read more...]

Changes coming to Illinois’ power of attorney law

According to the research group Purple Insight, older Americans strongly believe that doctors should strictly follow health care directives that a patient has put in place. The firm surveyed more than 1,000 adults who are 50 years or older, and roughly 25 percent of the participants stated that either they or a loved one has had a negative experience in which a physician administered either unwanted or unnecessary treatment. This survey clearly illustrates the importance of having a power … [Read more...]

Truck driver shortage expected to continue

Ground trucking is an essential function in our society today. Our nation’s economy relies upon the ability to move large quantities of products efficiently and affordably. Trucking is a primary means of doing this. New information published in early October by the American Trucking Association suggests that the transportation industry is facing a serious shortage of drivers that could only worsen in the coming years as the demand for truck freight increases at the same time. Experts from … [Read more...]

Poll: Americans say truckers are safe drivers

People who drive semi-trucks or other large commercial vehicles in Illinois work each day under constant scrutiny, regulatory guidelines and federal oversight. Drivers with commercial driving licenses must adhere to very high standards for safety for themselves, their companies and the general public. While it can seem that commercial truck drivers are under siege and viewed as dangerous to other drivers or pedestrians, a recent survey dispels such myths with strong certainty. The numbers … [Read more...]

The pros and cons of using business investors

When launching a new business in Illinois, entrepreneurs have several options to consider as means to fund their new enterprise. As with many things, there is no right or wrong way to obtain necessary funding as the decision can vary based on many criteria. Every business owner should evaluate the choices individually as making a fully informed decision is one of the most important parts of making the right decision. Understanding investor options There are three primary types of business … [Read more...]

How do you register a business in Illinois?

Starting a new business can be a very exciting venture for those involved. The process of setting up a new business can, however, seem complicated to some businesspeople especially when legal filings are required. There are many choices to make and no shortage of specific processes to complete. Following is a guide to help people understand the basics of how to get a new company registered and operational in Illinois. As indicated by the United States Small Business Association, one of the … [Read more...]

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