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Archives for 2014

Tips on creating a good business pitch for customers

It could be said that the best salespeople do not actually sell but solve. Problems, that is. The heart and soul of effectively promoting a product or service is really all about getting customers to need and want it. The way to do that is to make them see that it does, or offers, something useful to them. Chicago companies of all sizes and types must find a way to help their salespeople drop the old-fashioned sales mentality and adopt the more profitable relationship creating approach. Do … [Read more...]

Prepare before buying real estate as an investment

Investing in real estate can be a highly profitable venture. However, before purchasing a piece of residential property, those interested in making this type of investment should carefully prepare to ensure it benefits them. Understand the property and the location  After finding a piece of real estate, future investors should check the condition of everything before signing a contract. For example, investors should turn on all of the appliances, check all of the light fixtures, and … [Read more...]

Proposed scheduling rules introduced for truckers ignites heated debate

All companies in Illinois that rely upon trucking as the means by which products are shipped to or from their locations should have a natural concern to stay abreast of major changes in the transportation industry. Certainly trucking companies, owner-operators and businesses that operate their own fleets find this to be an integral concern of their everyday operations. In July of 2013, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration enacted new legislation that represented sweeping reform … [Read more...]

Trucking companies embracing natural gas vehicles to save money

The transportation industry may not be one of the most glamorous but it most certainly is one of the most important in our society. It is essentially transportation which allows Chicago grocery store shelves to be kept full and that gives consumers access to what they need and want, when they need and want it. Like any industry, the push to manage or reduce operational costs is ever-present whether for small owner-operators, large trucking companies or corporations with their own trucking … [Read more...]

Preparing your business for the new Affordable Health Care Act

Chicago is home to a plethora of businesses that spans many sizes and industries, all of which may be affected by changes in health care legislation. Small businesses in particular may have unique concerns when it comes to the new Affordable Health Care Act. Understanding exactly what this law requires them to provide to their employees, and what benefits or penalties they may be subject to is important. The U.S. Small Business Administration offers information that can help an individual … [Read more...]

Tips on setting up an effective marketing plan for your business

For existing businesses and startups alike, strong marketing plans are essential elements for ultimate success. For many Chicago-area business owners who might be product or service experts but not marketing professionals, developing or adjusting these plans can be complex and time consuming. The following are some tips that can serve as a guide when a new marketing strategy is needed. Start with the basics Hubspot provides a great reminder that starting with the right foundational … [Read more...]

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announces drug and alcohol clearinghouse rule

For several decades, the nation as a whole has seen an increase in laws designed to crack down on drunk or drugged driving. These include detection methods as well as penalty sets. In Illinois, the consequences drivers face if convicted of DUIs can be great. This effort includes commercial drivers as well. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will now be creating a new process and program aimed at reducing the number of commercial drivers operating vehicles while under the … [Read more...]

The Sarbanes Oxley Act and your business: What you need to know

Financial Executives International recently published an article indicating that full compliance with the now 12-year-old Sarbanes Oxley Act has yet to become reality. Citing results from its own research as well as from Protiviti’s 2014 Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Survey, FEI also reports that the majority of executives believe the costs associated with continued compliance will keep growing or, at best, hold steady with current levels. Chicago area business owners are likely to experience … [Read more...]

How to find the right investors for your business

The right financial backing is a critical component to success for Illinois businesses. Investment capital provides the necessary means by which new businesses can be launched. It can also propel existing companies to new levels, driving both customer growth and profits. However, many businesses do not understand how to choose the right investors. In order to establish a solid financial foundation, small and large companies alike should understand their needs, research potential investors and … [Read more...]

When making your estate plan, don’t forget your digital property

When a woman passed away early this year, she left behind an iPad, among other things. The woman’s sons, who were named the executors of her will, were unable to unlock the device as they did not know their mother’s Apple ID and password. According to The Guardian, the men sought help from Apple but were met with an onslaught of demands. The company cited privacy laws and said that in order to grant them access, the men would need to provide a copy of the woman’s will, the death certificate … [Read more...]

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