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What is a Certificate of Zoning Compliance?

When those in Illinois work with their Chicago real estate lawyer to transfer ownership of or sell residential property, a Certificate of Zoning Compliance must be obtained. These certificates verify that the number of residential dwelling units contained in the property meet legal requirements under the Chicago Zoning Ordinance. However, the ownership or sale of cooperative buildings or condominiums do not have to comply with this requirement. The definition of a dwelling unit Under … [Read more...]

Should my business carry professional liability insurance?

A recent report from Chubb Corp. found that many privately held companies are critically underinsured. Only one-third of the survey participants had purchased professional liability insurance, which protects a business against a number of risks. As any Chicago business attorney knows, any company – public or private – can benefit from carrying such a policy. It is important for business owners in Illinois and across the country to understand what the insurance does and how it works. What … [Read more...]

I’m ready to hire employees: Now what?

According to the Illinois Department of Employment Security, there are roughly 6 million people employed in the state. Compared to a year ago, the data now reflects a nearly 1 percent increase in the number of jobs. As a business lawyer in Lake County knows, it is a good sign for the economy and for the business when hiring is on the rise. Yet as important as it is to get and maintain employees, it is crucial to follow the right process to bringing people on board. Doing otherwise could … [Read more...]

Injuries on the rise for inexperienced truckers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, private-sector tractor-trailer and heavy truck drivers are missing work due to injury and illness at a steadily rising rate. This change is emphasized even more when compared to all other industry sectors, which are currently on the decline. Many carriers and their insurance companies believe the increased injury rate is caused by the large number of new truckers who have taken to the roadways.  A transportation attorney in Illinois … [Read more...]

Trucking companies need to be aware of drowsy driving hazards

When hiring truck drivers for their fleets, Illinois trucking companies often have a lot to consider. If they choose the wrong drivers, they may be held responsible for the damages that the drivers cause other motorists. An Illinois transportation attorney understands that one of the key issues facing carrier companies today is drowsy truckers, specifically how to identify them and keep them from getting behind the wheel.  The problem has never been more in the spotlight than it is now … [Read more...]

How does probate work in Illinois?

Probate is a process that occurs in court and is sometimes, but not always, required after a person passes away. The main purpose of the probate process is to make it clear who should inherit the deceased person’s assets and ensure taxes and other debts are paid. During this process, the estate’s executor, who is the person named in the deceased person’s estate planning documents with the help of an Illinois estate planning attorney, must have the estate’s assets appraised, identify and … [Read more...]

Keep taxes in mind when planning your estate

Estate tax is defined as the tax on a person’s right to transfer property after death. There are several strategies those who are in the midst of the estate planning process should consider implementing with the assistance of their estate planning lawyer in Illinois to ensure that their estate taxes are as minimal as possible once they pass away. Obtain a current asset valuation This step is particularly important for estates that include assets that are difficult to value, such as a … [Read more...]

Commercial real estate: 3 risks to consider

There are many benefits associated with renting commercial property and many advantages associated with purchasing it in Illinois. Business owners who are interested in purchasing commercial property with the assistance of their Illinois real estate lawyer and real estate agent should consider three important risk factors before they make the final decision to buy. The location may not always be beneficial When it comes to owning a business, location is everything. Those who are thinking … [Read more...]

Should you really buy the biggest house in the neighborhood?

When property buyers go to purchase a new home with the assistance of a real estate agent and a real estate lawyer in Illinois, they are often attracted to the largest home in the neighborhood where they want to live. While having enough room is beneficial, there are a few reasons why home buyers should avoid purchasing the biggest home they possibly can. Why the biggest house isn’t necessarily the best After purchasing the largest home in a neighborhood, homeowners may have a difficult … [Read more...]

Voiced-based vehicle systems focus of new cognitive distraction study

Businesses with fleets to manage face some unique challenges. An Illinois transportation lawyer understands that for carrier companies the topmost priority is ensuring that drivers act appropriately while on the roads. In efforts to decrease the number of distracted truckers, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has issued regulations banning the use of hand-held cell phones for all interstate and hazardous material truckers. Unfortunately, a multi-phase study performed by the … [Read more...]

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