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3 Tips on setting up an effective meeting with a potential client

3 Tips on setting up an effective meeting with a potential client

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There are few things as satisfying for professionals than securing a valuable client for their company. However, an Arlington Heights business lawyer understands that getting that meeting in the first place may be more difficult than ever.

While technology continues to develop and change the face of business in many ways, the same three classic, simple tips can help any professional set up a meeting with a potential client.

Do your research

Researching the target’s business is the first and arguably the most important step towards gaining a business meeting. To ensure that they can offer the target company a valuable service, business people must first understand the target’s company needs and how it operates within the industry. To prepare, they should review the following key points:

  • Major problems many firms are currently facing in the industry.
  • How the target’s firm fits in the industry and what role it plays.
  • The role that the target fits within his or her own firm.
  • Information about the target’s life, including contact information, colleague relationships and key interests.

Without a clear understanding of both the business and the person with whom the meeting would be taking place, there is little chance that it will be scheduled at all.

Create a unique message

Before people can hope to gain a meeting with a potential client, CBS News reports that they must first create a custom message designed specifically for their target. Using the results of the research they complete, hopefuls should create a business message that appeals to the target and focuses on the solutions of which the target is in need. It should have three parts: a headline, one paragraph of comprehensive, concise content, and a call to action. Avoiding sales talk is essential, whether the target business is an Arlington Heights business lawyer or any other professional. Focus instead on writing the message as if it were an internal company memo for the target.

Unless people have an “in” or they get lucky, they will likely have to leave a voicemail prior to gaining contact with the target. Being prepared with a phone version of the custom message is key to getting a return call. This message should be both natural and confident.

Be persistent

Those who successfully set up meetings with their targets learn to be persistent without crossing the line. After initial contact, if a target does not return their call, professionals should call them back no more than once a day for a week before repeating the process.

While it may be a rigorous routine, it is effective. Those who would like to know more about setting up business meetings with potential clients and the legal parameters that they must follow when doings so should contact an Arlington Heights business lawyer for more information.

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