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Transportation Law

The Planning Stage of Advanced Care

Estate planning accomplishes several objectives, including the deferral or reduction in estate taxes, avoiding probate, and ensuring that the defendant's assets pass on to heirs of his or her choosing. What happens to that person medically is another aspect of estate planning, and these details can be contained in an advance care directive. This part of estate planning is a legal document that is created while the person is still mentally and emotionally capable. It indicates their decisions, … [Read more...]

Trucking Companies, Owner-Operators and the Dangers of Incorrect Paperwork

It is common for truckers to own their own business, both owning and driving a truck. Large trucking companies often engage in business partnerships with owner-operators, a practice that can prove rewarding for both parties. When the partnership is not properly documented, however, problems can arise, leading to legal disputes which are thoroughly avoidable. Illinois Transportation Laws In order to keep drivers and all who travel the roads safe, Illinois transportation laws include … [Read more...]

Shipping freight rates continue to fall

The shipping freight industry is filled with boom and bust cycles, and 2015 is experiencing one of the most severe busts in memory. Rates that were skyrocketing on a daily basis in 2008 are now so low, boats are not even able to make up their daily expenses. A transportation lawyer understands that these cycles are natural, but can be incredibly devastating for those who face losing their Chicago businesses while waiting for the market to turn. Why it is happening According to the Wall … [Read more...]

Transportation companies propose longer trucks to meet demand

A federal bill currently up for vote before the U.S. Senate includes a provision that would allow bigger trucks to occupy the nation’s roads. While the bill is facing some opposition, carrier companies are generally being positive about the potential effects this new truck size may have on their ability to meet growing demand in the market, if adopted. A transportation law attorney may recognize the huge impact this could have on the industry. The proposal The Herald-News reports that … [Read more...]

Government orders stability control systems for all heavy trucks and buses

Vehicle rollovers are often deadly. According to a recent study by Consumer Reports, rollovers account for almost one in three fatal accidents on the road. Heavier vehicles are more susceptible to rollovers than small passenger cars. A single miscalculation while driving a truck or bus can kill in just a few seconds, as any transportation lawyer in Chicago knows. New regulations imposed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are designed to reduce the frequency of these tragic … [Read more...]

Transportation industry braces for potential changes in delivery contracts

Changes within the transportation industry can be costly and their effects are often unpredictable. A transportation lawyer in Illinois understands this is doubly true when those changes are catalyzed by an outside source. When government regulators are responsible, carriers have no choice but to follow along or shut their doors.A new wave of regulations are being hotly contested, and one important rule on the federal drawing board would change the way shippers and carriers interact to create … [Read more...]

Trucking companies could soon use hair testing under new federal bill

Reducing liability should be on every carrier’s list of most important goals. An Illinois transportation attorney knows that one key part of this is ensuring that drivers are acting appropriately and following the laws related to driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When drivers choose to engage in these risky behaviors, they put the lives of those around them, the freight they are hauling, and their carrier’s reputation on the line. While carriers are currently required … [Read more...]

Should you lease your trucks to your drivers?

The decision on whether or not to lease company trucks to drivers is one of the largest and most complicated decisions a carrier can make. A transportation lawyer in Vernon Hills knows that the potential consequences – both good and bad – can be far-reaching for a company, depending on if the leasing is done properly or not. Prior to engaging in a contract for leasing and purchasing company trucks with drivers, carriers should consider the following, including commonly seen benefits and … [Read more...]

Fleet expansion considerations

According to, the vast majority of carrier fleets in the U.S are made up of 25 trucks or less. Many of these companies are likely interesting in expanding their fleets in hopes of growing their company and profits. A Libertyville transportation lawyer understands that a fleet expansion can either make or break a business. Small carriers who are looking to expand their fleets should consider the following key issues before they make any final decisions. Service is … [Read more...]

Injuries on the rise for inexperienced truckers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, private-sector tractor-trailer and heavy truck drivers are missing work due to injury and illness at a steadily rising rate. This change is emphasized even more when compared to all other industry sectors, which are currently on the decline. Many carriers and their insurance companies believe the increased injury rate is caused by the large number of new truckers who have taken to the roadways.  A transportation attorney in Illinois … [Read more...]

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