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Transportation Law

Trucking companies need to be aware of drowsy driving hazards

When hiring truck drivers for their fleets, Illinois trucking companies often have a lot to consider. If they choose the wrong drivers, they may be held responsible for the damages that the drivers cause other motorists. An Illinois transportation attorney understands that one of the key issues facing carrier companies today is drowsy truckers, specifically how to identify them and keep them from getting behind the wheel.  The problem has never been more in the spotlight than it is now … [Read more...]

Voiced-based vehicle systems focus of new cognitive distraction study

Businesses with fleets to manage face some unique challenges. An Illinois transportation lawyer understands that for carrier companies the topmost priority is ensuring that drivers act appropriately while on the roads. In efforts to decrease the number of distracted truckers, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has issued regulations banning the use of hand-held cell phones for all interstate and hazardous material truckers. Unfortunately, a multi-phase study performed by the … [Read more...]

Report: 14 percent rise in new commercial vehicle registrations

Like nearly every other industry in the nation, the world of transportation took a hard blow during the 2009 recession. An Illinois transportation attorney has seen many carrier companies over the past five years struggling to reach the status and security that they had prior to the time that the economic upheaval occurred. However, several indicators now show that carriers are entering a recovery period, and their chances of regaining and maintaining lost ground look promising. Increase … [Read more...]

Congress may delay 34-hour restart rule for truckers

Transportation companies in Chicago and across the nation have been calling for an end to the newly imposed 34-hour restart rule, and they may soon get their wish. The most recent Senate appropriations bill includes a provision that would cut off funding for the implementation of the restart rule and instead allow the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to study its potential effects. However, carriers do not need a transportation lawyer Chicago to understand the effect the bill could … [Read more...]

The advantage of using electronic logs for your trucking fleet

Trucking companies across the country facing the prospect of mandated electronic logs should get informed about what is involved in this upcoming change and how to ensure they are fully compliant with the requirements set out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. A trucking fleet can be difficult to manage and maintain with optimal cost to revenue balance and an electronic log system could offer big benefits in this area. This makes the electronic log requirement by the FMCSA … [Read more...]

Truck driver shortage expected to continue

Ground trucking is an essential function in our society today. Our nation’s economy relies upon the ability to move large quantities of products efficiently and affordably. Trucking is a primary means of doing this. New information published in early October by the American Trucking Association suggests that the transportation industry is facing a serious shortage of drivers that could only worsen in the coming years as the demand for truck freight increases at the same time. Experts from … [Read more...]

Poll: Americans say truckers are safe drivers

People who drive semi-trucks or other large commercial vehicles in Illinois work each day under constant scrutiny, regulatory guidelines and federal oversight. Drivers with commercial driving licenses must adhere to very high standards for safety for themselves, their companies and the general public. While it can seem that commercial truck drivers are under siege and viewed as dangerous to other drivers or pedestrians, a recent survey dispels such myths with strong certainty. The numbers … [Read more...]

Using software to manage your trucking fleet’s maintenance

Companies that must manage vehicle fleets have many special issues with which to contend. Many technologies have been developed to assist in things such as tracking the locations of vehicles and drivers, providing route assistance and more. Software programs are also available to help Illinois businesses manage the maintenance needs of a trucking or other vehicle fleet. Features of truck fleet maintenance software Innovation Maintenance Systems is one company that offers trucking fleet … [Read more...]

Transportation of goods expected to increase by 23.5 percent

America’s reliance on moving goods is one thing that is not likely to go away anytime soon. Chicago companies and consumers alike rely on the freight industry to ship products to customers all over the globe, stock grocery store shelves and more. In an era where technology-fueled industries have taken center stage, transporting goods remains a critical component to keeping the world working. Big things ahead The U.S. Freight Transportation Forecast for the period 2013 to 2025 was … [Read more...]

U.S. Department of Transportation launches commercial driving waiver for military veterans

Obtaining a commercial driver’s license in Illinois requires the participation in special training and testing in order to ensure safety on the roads. The ground transportation industry is expected to grow by as much as 17% in the next six years highlighting the need for additional commercial drivers to keep the nation’s products—and economy—moving. The Military Skills Test Waiver Program to the rescue The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration launched a program in 2011 that was … [Read more...]

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