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Freight Loss & Damage Defense Lawyer in Cook County and Lake County

Freight Loss & Damage Defense Lawyer in Cook County and Lake County

Do you need expert legal advice for cargo damage claims? You need attorney Marc J. Blumenthal.

Changes in federal regulations have made the process of settling freight loss and cargo damage claims much more complicated. Unlike in the past, these issues are more likely governed by a contract instead of a federal statute or federal regulation.

To be protected, you need to understand which laws or documents specify who is responsible for losses and how to resolve claims. Strict time frames often limit the duration in which a claim can be filed. Adding to the complexity, federal and state case law imposes additional requirements, further controlling the relationship between the shipper and truckers.

Helping you work through freight loss claims

One of the most common scenarios involves cargo that ends up damaged or does not arrive. Often, these claims are for large amounts of money, so shippers need to make sure they know how to handle them in order to minimize their losses. This involves complying with numerous technical requirements that could be the difference maker in whether or not your claim is satisfied.

In these situations, business owners need to be proactive, which includes taking important steps with each shipment they send off. These preventative actions will help you reduce potential losses and retain your entitled recovery.

Taking preventative measures will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. For a skilled transportation attorney in Buffalo Grove, Arlington Heights and Wheeling, call the Law Offices of Marc J. Blumenthal today at 847-808-7092.

Overweight, Oversized and Permit Violations

Federal, state and local governments have weight and size restrictions for all trucks transporting materials on public roads or highways. There are also numerous county and municipal routing requirements that you must follow to avoid carrying too much weight.

Having a knowledgeable transportation attorney to help guide your company through the wide range of regulatory requirements is important, as it will save you time, needless delay and expenses.

Marc J. Blumenthal also assists drivers who have been ticketed for permit violations. He knows how to fight these violations with the skill and experience to eliminate or reduce large fines and punitive sanctions.

Don’t wait to make sure your company is protected. Call us today at 847-808-7092 or contact us online.

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