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Selling your home? Change the interior wall colors

Selling your home? Change the interior wall colors

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People selling their homes in Illinois should heed the advice of professionals when it comes to setting a price and clearing out the clutter. According to Consumer Reports, painting interior rooms is also a key part of moving the property quickly.

The organization reports that investing a little bit of money can generate up to a 3 percent return. There are several considerations for those ready to pick up a brush. As any Elk Grove Village real estate attorney knows, the color and type of paint matters.

Be selective

Experts state that painting the entire home may not be the most efficient use of time and money. Consumer Reports notes that before putting a house on the market, sellers should consider which rooms would most benefit from a new coat of paint. Due to the frequency with which they are used, bathrooms and kitchens may be the most ideal spots for painting. Any rooms that are painted with bright paint should also be covered with a neutral color, as bold colors can turn off a buyer.

Choose the right color

Deciding which room to paint is the first step; next, homeowners must decide which colors will most likely attract a buyer. Many people simply opt for an off-white or beige color throughout the entire home. An Elk Grove Village real estate attorney would know that this is playing it safe and will usually sidestep the issue of choosing the wrong color.

For those who want some color in the home, industry experts suggest the following for each room:

  • Kitchen: Opt for light colors that will brighten the space, such as pale yellow and warm beige.
  • Living room: A neutral color like a light gray or creamy white will give potential buyers a blank slate so they can picture themselves in the space.
  • Bedrooms: Mild colors such as light olives, light grays or eggshell whites are best.
  • Bathrooms: While bold colors in a bathroom may be a personal preference, it is ideal to go for light colors to make the space feel bigger.

A recent article in the Chicago Tribune also suggests taking down wallpaper before selling a home. Professionals say wallpaper is typically too catered to one person’s taste and will give the buyer the impression that there is much work to be done.

Paint type

Lastly, the type of paint that is used can make a difference. Sellers should opt for quality products that will help to mask previous colors or imperfections. Further, certain paints will leave a smoother surface than others, which presents a clean, crisp look to potential buyers.

Preparing a home for sale entails much more than painting and cleaning. Anyone considering a home sale should consult with an Elk Grove Village real estate attorney.

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