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Trucking Companies, Owner-Operators and the Dangers of Incorrect Paperwork

Trucking Companies, Owner-Operators and the Dangers of Incorrect Paperwork


It is common for truckers to own their own business, both owning and driving a truck. Large trucking companies often engage in business partnerships with owner-operators, a practice that can prove rewarding for both parties. When the partnership is not properly documented, however, problems can arise, leading to legal disputes which are thoroughly avoidable.

Illinois Transportation Laws

In order to keep drivers and all who travel the roads safe, Illinois transportation laws include regulations that apply specifically to those in the trucking industry. Failure to comply with these laws can lead to legal trouble for both the owner-operator and the trucking company involved in the case. Both federal and state laws mandate that specific paperwork is filed to document the relationship between the two parties.

Incorrect Classification

When regulations are not complied with, the result can be an owner-operator who is incorrectly classified as an employee of a company. Though this is preferred by the government, it is not always beneficial for owner-operators or the trucking companies that they work with. If an owner-operator is injured while working, this issue can be pushed to the forefront, making correct document from the beginning of the relationship vital.

Driver Safety

A recent update to federal law now requires commercial truck drivers to electronically record their hours behind the wheel. This law is designed to increase driver safety. It is suggested that electronic logs are more difficult to tamper with, and that this law will keep commercial drivers from evading legal restrictions on the amount of hours they can work on the road.

Federal, state and local laws all place certain restrictions on the amount of weight that a truck can carry. Preventing violations by acting proactively is another important process that should be included in the written documentation between trucking companies and owner-operators.

Illinois transportation law can be tricky to navigate. This is why having a clear understanding of trucking owner-operator regulations is important for all parties. Understanding who is responsible for what, how business will take place and having this documented, is an essential task that prevents legal struggles for all parties. A Lake County transportation lawyer can help businesses comply with owner-operator regulations and keep the relationships between transportation professionals strong.

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