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Using software to manage your trucking fleet’s maintenance

Using software to manage your trucking fleet’s maintenance

Truck on road

Companies that must manage vehicle fleets have many special issues with which to contend. Many technologies have been developed to assist in things such as tracking the locations of vehicles and drivers, providing route assistance and more.

Software programs are also available to help Illinois businesses manage the maintenance needs of a trucking or other vehicle fleet.

Features of truck fleet maintenance software

Innovation Maintenance Systems is one company that offers trucking fleet maintenance software solutions for the transportation industry. As with many other vendors’ software programs, IMS software can help make staying on top of the maintenance needs of every vehicle in a fleet easier for businesses, saving them valuable dollars in unnecessary repairs and internal costs to track such needs manually. For

Programs can create maintenance schedules or administrators can customize schedules to their individual needs. Alerts can prevent missed maintenance. Programs can manage parts reordering and the generation of reporting for maintenance personnel as well as executives.

The applications can also track other important information such as fuel costs, vehicle registrations, loans or leases, insurance status, drivers’ records and more. Monitoring of labor costs can also be done through some of these programs and, when connected to other costs, can highlight areas for savings or improvements to businesses.

Not just for large companies

As reported by Heavy Duty Trucking, adoption rates of software for maintaining trucks have been high among large companies but lower among businesses with smaller fleets. Such hesitation on the part of smaller fleet maintenance departments could actually be costing these companies money. Despite what can appear at first glance to be a high price tag for the software, the benefits can result in some serious benefits.

The financial and efficiency savings that can be achieved when using these solutions are well worth the investment by companies of any size. When maintenance is provided for all vehicles in a fleet on time and regularly, unexpected problems and repairs are dramatically reduced. This, in turn, reduces unplanned downtime of vehicles, delivery delays and even out-of-pocket repair costs. Vehicles that are maintained properly last longer which also provides needed return on investment.

Professional consultations can help

Discussing the needs of a trucking company with a transportation lawyer can provide help with regulatory compliance but also with other important business issues, such as how to better manage fleet costs and operations. Transportation is a vital industry in our nation and maintaining one’s fleet can directly affect a company’s bottom line.

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