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Choosing the right house to buy

Buying a home represents one of the largest financial commitments most people in Chicago, Illinois, will ever make. Choosing the right home is crucial, but many first-time buyers do not know exactly what to consider before making a final decision. … [Read more...]

Illinois restrictions on weight and size of cargo

Transportation companies provide a valuable service to the people living here in Illinois. They make it possible for people to receive products and materials that are grown or created within and outside of the state. However, transportation companies are also under strict federal and state rules that tell them how to run their businesses. … [Read more...]

Protecting intellectual property

A gaming company named Wizards of the Coast recently filed a lawsuit against Cryptozoic Entertainment, LLC, and Hex Entertainment, LLC. According to Game Informer, Wizards of the Coast claims a game created by the other two companies is the same as a card game it created years ago, and that the two companies are infringing its intellectual property rights on that game. … [Read more...]

Regulations present challenges for commercial real estate

Anyone with experience in commercial real estate development knows the extensive regulations imposed by every level of government can be burdensome. In the present regulatory environment, keeping up with current requirements and ongoing changes can be especially difficult. … [Read more...]

Market research invaluable to business owners

Market research is an invaluable tool Illinois business owners can use, especially during the start-up phase of their company, to define and target consumers who may be interested in their products or services. … [Read more...]

Creating an effective business plan

The main purpose of a business plan is to communicate the vision of the company so that everyone who gets involved is on the same page. This includes potential partners, investors and vendors. … [Read more...]

How does a living will work?

Many people in Chicago, Illinois, make a priority of setting their affairs in order by drafting a will. However, many people overlook the importance of creating a living will as well. A living will allows an individual to make his or her preferences regarding life-prolonging medical treatments known. If the individual ever becomes capacitated, his or her wishes as established in the will can be honored. … [Read more...]

A long-term care plan can be an important part of estate planning

Many people in Chicago, Illinois, may view long-term care planning as unnecessary. Unfortunately, these people may be exposing themselves to significant financial risk. The interest group AARP reports 7 out of 10 Americans over age 65 will require long-term care, and 20 percent of people in the same age bracket need care for longer than 5 years. … [Read more...]

How to finance commercial real estate

Buying commercial real estate represents a smart investment for many business owners in Chicago, Illinois. However, obtaining financing for these purchases can be difficult, and choosing the wrong form of financing can place a significant burden on owners and their businesses. … [Read more...]

How to protect your business with written agreements

Many Illinois business owners may rely on oral or implied arrangements when making deals with others. These business owners may think written business contracts are unnecessary or show a lack of trust. … [Read more...]

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