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July, 2015 Archives

Archives for 2015

Selling your home? Change the interior wall colors

People selling their homes in Illinois should heed the advice of professionals when it comes to setting a price and clearing out the clutter. According to Consumer Reports, painting interior rooms is also a key part of moving the property quickly. The organization reports that investing a little bit of money can generate up to a 3 percent return. There are several considerations for those ready to pick up a brush. As any Elk Grove Village real estate attorney knows, the color and type of … [Read more...]

3 qualities to look for in your managers

“People don’t leave jobs, they leave managers” is a saying that many Illinois business owners are familiar with. According to Forbes, many employees will abandon positions with large salaries, competitive benefits or opportunities for advancement due to issues with their managers. As any business lawyer understands, poor management can also expose businesses in Arlington Heights to disputes or legal issues. It is essential for business owners to reduce the risk of these outcomes by making … [Read more...]

Should you hire family members to work for you?

As most business owners know, bad hiring decisions can have steep costs. According to Forbes, replacing a bad hire can cost 30 percent of that person’s yearly salary. Poor hiring decisions can also adversely affect productivity and morale. To avoid these issues, many business owners may consider hiring family members. However, as any attorney knows, this approach can offer drawbacks that business owners in Illinois should understand beforehand. Potential benefits Familiarity is a factor … [Read more...]

Shipping freight rates continue to fall

The shipping freight industry is filled with boom and bust cycles, and 2015 is experiencing one of the most severe busts in memory. Rates that were skyrocketing on a daily basis in 2008 are now so low, boats are not even able to make up their daily expenses. A transportation lawyer understands that these cycles are natural, but can be incredibly devastating for those who face losing their Chicago businesses while waiting for the market to turn. Why it is happening According to the Wall … [Read more...]

Transportation companies propose longer trucks to meet demand

A federal bill currently up for vote before the U.S. Senate includes a provision that would allow bigger trucks to occupy the nation’s roads. While the bill is facing some opposition, carrier companies are generally being positive about the potential effects this new truck size may have on their ability to meet growing demand in the market, if adopted. A transportation law attorney may recognize the huge impact this could have on the industry. The proposal The Herald-News reports that … [Read more...]

Can a will successfully be challenged?

According to the American Bar Association, roughly 55 percent of people in the country pass away before putting a will in place. Those who do take the right steps in their estate planning can rest assured that the majority of wills pass through the probate process without any issue. However, residents in Illinois who disagree with the terms of a decedent’s will do have some legal recourse. A Wheeling wills attorney has probably seen several situations in which family members have … [Read more...]

Every adult should have a power of attorney

When she was 26, a Chicago resident was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. WGNTV reports that now, at 41, the cancer is back and the woman worries about how her children will handle her end-of-life concerns. The woman was reluctant to appoint one of her children as her power of attorney, as she herself had to care for her own mother, who died of cancer.The woman’s home health care advocate convinced her to put her wishes in writing, which the woman says has brought her peace of mind. Any … [Read more...]

Improve your curb appeal and attract buyers with these 3 tips

Working on the appearance of a home can be time-consuming, but industry experts say it is well worth the investment. According to a report in The Washington Post, homeowners in Illinois and across the country can expect a 150 percent return on investment for landscaping projects alone. Where and how homeowners spend their money can affect how quickly the house moves, as any Oak Lawn property lawyer would know. Sellers should invest in making these three changes to boost their curb … [Read more...]

How does an appraiser determine a home’s value?

Lenders in Illinois nearly always require homebuyers to get a house appraised prior to issuing a loan. According to, problems can occur when the appraisal falls below the sale price of the home. Mortgage companies will typically only approve loans that are at or below the appraisal. Therefore, industry experts recommend that sellers obtain an appraisal before ever listing a home. As any real estate attorney in Elk Grove would know, there are several factors used to determine … [Read more...]

Increase your profit margin through social media

Social media is a vital resource for increasing profit margins. As technology becomes a more and more important part of daily life, it influences people’s purchasing habits and the ways they share information. Smart businesses use social media to stay in touch with their customers and build a wider consumer base, as every Illinois business attorney is aware. A recent study published in the International Journal of Marketing, Financial Services and Management Research shows that social media … [Read more...]

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